Premises Liability

I frequently get calls from potential clients who are injured on someone else’s property. These cases range from a slip and fall to injuries caused by the criminal act of third parties. It is important to know that being injured on someone else’s property does not automatically make the property owner liable for your injuries. The legal issues that arise can be quite complicated.  Were you a customer, invited guest, or a trespasser on the property? The answer could help determine what duty the owner had to protect you from harm. It must also be established that the owner was somehow negligent. Did they fail to properly maintain the premises? Did they allow a dangerous condition to exist on the property?  Was there some prior history of criminal conduct on the property that made it foreseeable that something bad was going to happen? There are statutes and a substantial body of case law that help answer these questions.  It would be smart to contact an experienced attorney to find out if you have a claim.

Client Review

“Jeff was soooo helpful and put me at ease while going through a tough time! He is extremely professional and empathetic to his clients needs. And all around amazing lawyer and person!”
Jenny B.
Client Review

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