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Car and Truck Accident Lawyer in Tampa, FLCar or truck accidents often cause devastating injuries that forever change of the lives of the victims and their families. The most common injuries are neck and back injuries, head trauma, brain injury and even injuries to the spinal cord. Accidents can be caused by a number of different factors, such as excessive speed, driver inattention, driver fatigue, a malfunctioning vehicle, or even bad weather conditions. Nowadays, drivers are often distracted by GPS devices, listening to music or podcasts, or using their cell phones for calls or texts. If you have been injured by the negligence of another, your lawyer will immediately want to investigate the facts of the accident. This will include obtaining the police report (if there is one), talking to witnesses, getting photos of the scene and the vehicle, and even taking recorded statements, if necessary. The passage of time can change the condition of the scene, as well as the memories of the witnesses. Therefore, it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible so the legal work can begin.

Truck accidents often occur due to driver fatigue. Although truck drivers are legally permitted to only drive a certain number of hours every day, they often try to circumvent these laws so they can reach their destination faster. Today’s technology can document how long a driver has been on the road, but truck drivers have sometimes tried to falsify their driver logs. Towards the end of a long shift, truck drivers can get drowsy and therefore pay less attention to their surrounding conditions.

Other common causes of truck accidents are driving under the influence of prescription medications and improperly loaded cargo, which can cause the weight of the vehicle to drastically shift, making it more difficult to turn or to stop quickly.

An experienced personal injury lawyer understands the effects a severe injury, permanent disability, or death can have on you and your entire family. Of course, the injury itself is usually the most immediate concern. You need to be certain the proper medical care is being received. A good personal injury attorney will have experience dealing with many doctors and should be able to assist you in making sure you are seeing the right doctors and that excellent medical treatment is given. It is important to keep your lawyer advised of all issues concerning your medical care.

Aside from having to deal with the injury or death, other issues often soon arise. Who will pay the medical bills or funeral expenses? Will my health insurance pay my bills? Am I entitled to disability coverage? Can I recover for lost wages or the inability to earn money in the future? How will the family receive income now that the breadwinner is no longer working?

One of the most important elements of damage is pain and suffering. You will be entitled to recover these damages for what you have gone through in the past and for what you will have to endure in the future. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to advise you of the value of your claim and the best way to move forward to obtain a recovery for you and your family as quickly and effectively as possible.

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