Bicycle Accident Lawyer Tampa, FloridaBicycle Accident Lawyer Tampa, FL

When meeting with a bicycle accident lawyer in Tampa, FL at Jeff Murphy Law Firm, we may talk about why taking certain steps after a bike accident is so crucial. How you act in the moments and days after can make a vast difference in the outcome and whether you receive compensation from the car driver who hit you. Bike accidents can be immensely painful, scary, and unsettling to have to go through. A victim of a bicycle accident may find themselves dealing with serious injuries of both the physical body and mind. New fears, anxieties, depression and PTSD are common among bike accident victims. 

When first meeting with a Tampa bicycle accident lawyer in FL, it isn’t uncommon for us to be asked questions like these: 

What can I do to help prevent a bike accident from happening again?

Avoiding being part of a bike accident may not be entirely preventable, as there is always some degree of risk when we go about our day and we cannot control how drivers decide to operate their vehicle. However, there are strategies a bicyclist can use to help ward off such an incident from occurring again:

  • If you must share the road with cars, ride in the center of the lane versus off to the side. This increases your visibility to car drivers and forces them to pay more attention to your presence. 
  • Doing regular maintenance on your bike to prevent tires from popping or other mechanical issues from happening while you are riding. 
  • Wearing reflective gear and a flashing light on your bike when riding at night or during dusk hours. 
  • Using hand signals to communicate with drivers where you plan to turn, merge, cross, etc. 

What should I do in the moments after a bike accident?

Bike accidents are often caused by car drivers who weren’t paying attention to the road and hadn’t seen a rider nearby. A FL bicycle accident lawyer in Tampa at Jeff Murphy Law may suggest seeing a doctor for your injuries if you haven’t already, as these documents can be useful as you pursue compensation from the car driver. Here are other steps you can take after a bike accident to help protect yourself:

  • If you are in the way of traffic or danger, move yourself over to a safe area
  • Try to remain calm and call 911 for help
  • When the emergency team arrives, be sure to tell them about all the aches, pains, and other symptoms you are experiencing
  • Wait for an officer to arrive and provide a statement
  • Exchange information with the driver
  • Reach out to any bystanders who could serve as witnesses
  • See your doctor within 24-48 hours afterwards
  • Meet with a bicycle accident lawyer in Tampa about seeking compensation

It is in your best interest after a bike accident to get legal representation and medical care without delay. For a free, no-obligation consultation please contact a bicycle accident lawyer in Tampa, FL at Jeff Murphy Law Firm right away. 

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