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A truck accident lawyer in Tampa, FL at Jeff Murphy Law Firm understands that when people are involved in a truck crash, it is not the same as being in a collision between two passenger vehicles. Trucks can weigh up to a hefty 80,000 pounds when fully stocked, when the average passenger vehicle can weigh a measly 3,500 pounds in comparison. True devastation can occur, along with lives being lost. 

Not only can truck accidents be more severe, but they can be more complex than your standard vehicle accident. That is why we encourage victims of truck accidents to talk with a FL truck accident lawyer right away for help. 

Determining Fault

When it comes to truck accidents, a truck accident lawyer in Tampa is aware that there may be more than one entity who is responsible for what happened. For instance, the truck parts manufacturer could have made a flawed product or the trucking company failed to uphold proper maintenance of the truck itself. But of course, there is always the chance that the trucker had committed one careless mistake which led to the tragic truck collision. 

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

In most cases, truck accidents happen due to truck driver error. Anyone who has been in a truck accident must get emergency medical care right away. The chances of the driver and passengers in the standard vehicle sustained no injuries at all are quite slim. We advise being seen by a doctor that very same day for a thorough examination. After getting care, be sure to request copies and then share them with your truck accident lawyer in FL at Jeff Murphy Law Firm. Here is a list of some of the most common ways truckers cause these accidents to unfold: 

  • Trucker Fatigue: it isn’t safe for truckers to drive for extended periods of time in one sitting. However, many do anyways despite the impact of sleep deprivation.  
  • Reckless Driving: a truck driver that fails to follow traffic laws can put others who are driving nearby in serious danger. Truck accidents can happen due to excessive speeding, changing lanes abruptly, and following cars too closely.  
  • Falsifying Driving Records: truckers are required by law to write in log books as a way to keep a record of how many hours they drive and whether they are taking sufficient breaks. But, many truckers falsify these books to get ahead of schedule without being reprimanded by their employer.  
  • Under the Influence: truck drivers may use alcohol or turn to drug use as a method of coping with their lifestyle and being away from loved ones for so long. Sadly, these habits can quickly lead to a deadly crash in which they may be responsible for paying damages to the surviving family. 

Truck accidents are not something to shrug off. Victims of such accidents may be entitled to significant financial compensation, so please do not handle this alone. Contact a Tampa truck accident lawyer in Florida at Jeff Murphy Law Firm as soon as possible for a thorough case evaluation. 

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