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February 16, 2023

Driving Safely Around A Semi Truck

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Truck Accident Lawyer

When you are out on neighborhood roads or the highway, there’s so much that you need to manage when it comes to driving safely. If you’re speeding or making other dangerous maneuvers, it can make it more difficult to react to sudden changing road conditions, and has the same effect on the cars around you. Fatigued drivers, bad weather, and traffic can complicate driving even further. But one of the scariest situations that you can be involved in is driving around a semi truck and being involved in an accident. As a truck accident lawyer offers, here are ways that you can keep yourself safe. 

Semi trucks and tractor trailers have bigger blind spots than passenger cars, so you have to make sure that you stay out of them. A good rule of thumb to tell if you are in a trucker’s blind spot is a little test. If you are not able to see the side mirrors on the truck, then the driver cannot see you. Do not linger in the blind spot areas, and allow enough space between you and the semi truck on all sides. Another safe driving tip is to always pass a truck on the left and never pass on a double yellow line. When you do pass a truck, do so wisely and while doing the speed limit. Indicate your movements to the truck driver by using your blinkers, and refraining from changing lanes in front of them to close. Since they are larger and heavier vehicles, the trucker requires more distance and stopping time. If for some reason you needed to suddenly halt, the truck driver behind you may not have enough time to stop, causing a collision to occur.

When it’s windy out, it’s better to avoid semi trucks altogether. Tractor trailers and semis have more surface area, so the wind is going to affect their vehicle more and can push them into your lane or off the road. Semis have more weight compared to other vehicles, and need additional space to pass and make turns. A truck driver that is being safe may still be in an accident if car drivers are being reckless around them. Remember, a semi truck can weigh upwards of 85,000 pounds. In comparison, other vehicles are usually only 3,000-4,000 pounds on average. Pay close attention when you are behind the wheel and use defensive driving techniques. 

When a truck accident does happen, it may prompt the people who were injured to recruit help from a legal team, similar to Wandres Law, P.C., so that they can receive restitution for their injuries and loss. Because of the vast nature of commercial tracks, it is often the other driver and it’s occupants that sustain the worst injury. Medical attention must always be sought, and people who consider themselves victims in the accident are encouraged to get help from a lawyer familiar with personal injury cases. When someone causes an accident to happen and others suffer, themselves and their insurance company may be liable for what resulted. 

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