Can I sue a nursing home for the personal injury or death of a loved one?

Nursing Home Negligence Attorney in Tampa, FLIf your loved one was injured in a nursing home due to staff negligence, you will naturally want someone to be accountable and make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else. If this occurs, it is the right time to consult a nursing home negligence lawyer in Tampa, FL.

Nursing home residents are vulnerable because of their advanced age and their weakened conditions. The injuries at a nursing home can come in many shapes, from slip and falls to negligent medical care to physical or sexual abuse. There are very specific nursing home laws that govern these claims.

It is critical that you document all problems you have noticed with the care and treatment of your loved one. It is quite common for the nursing home patient records to be incomplete (and sometimes even false!). The best way to document what has occurred is through your own notes and the testimony of independent witnesses. The more specific and detailed your allegations are, the more likely it is to help your case. Make sure to keep the names and phone numbers of all persons who have witnessed any misconduct by the nursing home staff.

There are many types of injuries that can occur in a nursing home, including the following:

  • Falls
  • Unexplained internal injuries or fractures
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Bedsores
  • Prescription medication errors
  • Sexual assaults
  • Assault and battery
  • Bed or railing injuries
  • Pneumonia
  • Choking
  • Wrongful death

Given the number of elderly persons living in Florida, it is not surprising there are hundreds of nursing homes in the state. Most of these homes are operated by private, for profit companies who often put profits ahead of patient safety. It seems that most nursing home lawsuits involve falls, bedsores, malnutrition, and wrongful death. Pursuing these claims can be very difficult and time-consuming because they are almost always vigorously defended by the insurance companies. Jeff Murphy Law has access to medical experts throughout the country who can review the records and the facts of your case and render a professional expert opinion regarding the strength of your claim.

Keep in mind that punitive damages may be recoverable in certain kinds of nursing home cases. Generally, you will have to prove there was reckless conduct or a conscious disregard or indifference to the life or safety of the injured person. Such damages could be recoverable in cases of severe bedsores or grossly negligent administration of medication. You will need to discuss the facts of your case with an attorney to determine the types of damage that are recoverable.

If you believe you have a claim involving nursing home abuse, hire an expert nursing home negligence lawyer in Tampa, FL. Whether your case is related to abuse, burns, fractures, malnutrition, pneumonia, sexual assault and rape, dehydration, or any other intentional or negligent acts, Jeff Murphy Law will be able to give you advice so you can take every action necessary to pursue fair compensation.

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