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Construction workers who have been injured on the work site, must talk with a construction accident lawyer in Tampa, FL about what they can do to recover from the incident. Construction injuries tend to be severe, serious, expensive, and potentially life-threatening too. Working at a construction site comes along with risks and threats every day, but this doesn’t mean the company doesn’t have to enforce strict safety protocols to help prevent accidents from happening. Unfortunately, sometimes an employer becomes careless and doesn’t provide workers with a reasonable level of protection they need to do their job safely. 

Workers’ Compensation 

As a Tampa, FL construction accident lawyer is aware, every year in America thousands of construction workers get hurt or die on the job. Most employees understand that if they get hurt while performing a task or due to the environment, they have the right to submit a claim under a workers’ compensation program. 

However, there are restrictions when it comes to employee’s rights under workers’ compensation and taking action for a construction accident injury. With the exception of very specific situations, workers are not permitted to sue their employer for a job injury, even if the employer was responsible. The victim of the construction accident may be able to pursue compensation from a third party, if they are liable due to a faulty construction product, gear, or machinery. A construction accident lawyer in Tampa can meet with you to help you decide whether a third party company could have been at least partially at-fault for your injuries. 

Third-Party Liability and Negligence

Construction accidents can be complex in nature, and there may be several variables that contributed to the incident happening. With help from a FL construction accident lawyer at Jeff Murphy Law Firm, we can investigate as to whether a property owner, contractor, architect, engineer, or subcontractor could have played a role in the event occurring. 

Additionally, manufacturers and supplies for construction equipment must provide safe materials. A third party may be liable for negligence that resulted in injuries to a construction worker, permitting that the worker is not employed under their company. 

Filing a Third-Party Lawsuit

By filing a lawsuit against a third-party, the injured construction worker can recover damages related to medical costs (current and future), lost wages, decreased earning capacity, pain and suffering, and more. But, in order to win the case it must be shown exactly how this third party had committed negligence. Even if your employer was partially responsible, an injured worker can still file a lawsuit against a third-party for financial restitution. Through evidence and strategy from your lawyer at Jeff Murphy Law, we can help you get the money you need to overcome the accident both financially and physically. 

Do not wait to take action regarding your construction accident. Such incidents are serious and may require insight from a construction accident lawyer in Tampa, FL at Jeff Murphy Law Firm, so please call us today for a free consultation. 

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