Have you lost a loved one due to illegal activity or negligence?

If you have a family member or friend who died on someone else’s property due to criminal activity, there may be a valid wrongful death case. You should contact an experienced wrongful death attorney for a free consultation.

It is important to know that a premises liability claim does not arise in every case where an injury occurs on property. There must be some evidence that the owner was negligent.

Property owners are responsible for making sure their properties are safe and well-maintained so guests and tenants are not physically endangered. Unfortunately, too many cut corners or simply ignore their legal duty, and serious injury or death can occur. Property owners who ignore rules, violate building codes and disregard public safety should be held accountable. When death occurs as a result of a business or property owner’s wrongful act or omission, a premises liability lawsuit may be warranted.

Some common examples of premises liability wrongful death claims include:

  • Inadequate lighting which allows criminal conduct to occur
  • Inadequate or negligent security
  • Negligent hiring of an employee who causes injury or death
  • Assaults or attacks
  • Negligent Security

In most cases, whether the at-fault party is a homeowner, a business, or the government, an insurance company will usually be involved. These claims are likely to be defended vigorously, so it is very important you hire an experienced wrongful death attorney to protect your rights and obtain full compensation for your loss.

Jeff Murphy Law has been handling wrongful death claims for over 28 years. Call Jeff for a free consultation to discuss your wrongful death claim.

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