Slip and Fall Lawyer Tampa, FloridaSlip and Fall Lawyer Tampa, FL

If you ever fallen or tripped on a curb or sidewalk and were injured, we encourage you to talk with a slip and fall lawyer in Tampa, FL from Jeff Murphy Law. You may be entitled to compensation from the city or property owners where the injury occurred. This type of personal injury law is called a slip and fall.

Nearly 80% of pedestrian injuries are as a result of a fall. A 2012 National Survey of Bicyclist and Pedestrian Attitudes and Behaviors revealed 24 percent of pedestrian injuries were due to tripping on uneven or cracked sidewalk, while 17 percent tripped or fell due to other reasons.

Common sidewalk injury causes include:

  • Cracks or uneven pavement can be very dangerous. It is the duty of the city or property owner to ensure that users of the property or street or sidewalk is safe for general use, such as walking. Over time, tree roots or earthquakes or other elements can result in dangerous conditions. 
  • Potholes can occur on pavement or even sometimes on the sidewalk. They are usually caused by pooled water or debris that was too heavy for the asphalt to support.
  • Debris on sidewalks, in gutters, stairs, etc. can create a very dangerous situation. Leaf litter, tree branches, overflowing trash, bicycles and other personal property are just some of the many perilous things that could cause a person to fall and become injured.
  • Rain, Ice, Snow or other weather conditions can present a variety of dangerous conditions. 

No matter how your injury occurred, you should contact a local, knowledgeable Tampa slip and fall lawyer in Florida as soon as you are able. Our experienced team has vast experience in representing clients who have been injured on public property. Call Jeff Murphy Law today for a free case evaluation.

Determining Fault and Responsibility

The person or entity at-fault for the slip and fall depends on the circumstances of the incident. Sometimes there can be multiple defendants, depending if your injury occurred solely on public property or if something from a private property caused or partially caused the accident. As always, speak with a slip and fall lawyer in FL to get advice based on the factors of your accident.

Keeping Track of Damages and Losses

Keep track of any medical reports, bills, documentation of lost wages or other financial losses, keep names and contact information of witnesses and photos of conditions and write down any information you remember about weather, time of day, etc. Do this as soon as possible, because memories fade and witnesses can be hard to track down later. Then, be sure to share this information with your FL slip and fall lawyer in Tampa at Jeff Murphy Law.

Collecting Compensation 

In order to succeed in a sidewalk injury case, you must be able to prove negligence on the part of the city or property owner. A slip and fall lawyer in Tampa, FL
can talk with you further about what is entailed in proving negligence.

Sidewalk injury lawsuits can be a challenge to win. The city or property owner also has lawyers on their side who have experience defending such claims. It is imperative that you do not talk to anyone from the city, their law firm or insurance agent without the presence of your attorney.

Our Law Firm Commitment

At our law firm, our team has many years of experience representing clients who have sustained injuries as a result of negligence of the city or a property owner. Call us today for a free consultation with a slip and fall lawyer in Tampa, FL at Jeff Murphy Law before the situation can escalate and more losses are accumulated. 

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