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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Tampa, FL

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Tampa, FlMotorcycle Accident Lawyer Tampa, FL

In Tampa, Florida, thousands of people use motorcycles, or scooters, to get around. As enjoyable as these vehicles might be, they carry many risks. These risks are partly due to the heavy traffic, as well as the lack of any protection around the 2-wheeled vehicle. When an accident does happen, serious, or fatal, injuries may result. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, and believe it was not your fault, please call a motorcycle accident lawyer in Tampa, Florida today. 

 Should I Talk to an Insurance Representative or an Attorney First?

In the wake of a motorcycle accident, you may be contacted by the insurance provider(s) that represent others involved in the accident. Similarly, you may feel compelled to connect with your insurance provider immediately. It’s important to understand why it’s a good idea to speak with an experienced Tampa, FL motorcycle accident lawyer before speaking with a representative of any insurance provider. Understanding this “order of contact” may save you time, stress, and a significant amount of money down the road.

Insurance companies are businesses. Their behavior is, to some extent, dictated by the terms of contracts in place with those who purchase their products. However, it is the insurance companies themselves that write these contracts. They will, as a business practice, take advantage of every loophole and exception they can to avoid paying more compensation to anyone than they have to. Additionally, if there is more than one insurance provider responsible for any share of the compensation due as a result of an accident, they will try to shift payment responsibility to others where they can. Speaking with an experienced Tampa, FL motorcycle accident lawyer first will allow you to pass on the task of negotiating with insurance providers to us. We work with insurance companies all the time and we understand how they operate. We will hold them to account to better ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation to which you’re entitled.

It’s also vital to speak with us first because every word you say to an insurance provider can be used to limit their obligations to you. If you admit fault or even admit to having a foggy memory tied to a single detail, they can use this as evidence that they don’t owe you as much money as they actually do. They may even try to offer you an unfair settlement before fully investigating your claim in the hopes that you’re so eager to move on from the accident that you’ll take less than you’re owed. We’ll work hard to make sure this doesn’t happen… but to advocate on your behalf effectively, you’ll need to contact us (ideally) before you connect with them.

Seeking Legal Assistance

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, don’t just resolve to get in contact with an experienced Tampa, FL motorcycle accident lawyer. Contact the experienced Florida legal team at Jeff Murphy Law today. As long as you’ve already attended to any urgent medical needs, your next call should be to our law firm. We will work quickly to protect your rights and preserve your legal options. That way, once we’ve completed a free case evaluation and advised you of your opportunities, you can make and informed decision about what kinds of actions you want us to take on your behalf. From negotiating with insurance providers to filing a personal injury lawsuit, we can help you with all of your post-accident legal needs.

Jeff Murphy Law Demands Justice

Our Tampa, Florida motorcycle accident lawyers know how devastating a collision can be. Not only might a rider suffer from painful, life altering physical injuries, but he or she may also be faced with enormous debt. The emotional pain can be equally damaging, and if not addressed, may result in depression, PTSD, and torn relationships. 

We cannot change the past. However, our firm may be able to encourage more comfort during the healing process. When you choose us to be your motorcycle accident lawyer in Tampa, Florida, please know that your case is in good hands. We will help you to understand the legal process and what you can expect. A few reasons to consider us include:

  •       We have the necessary resources to build a sound legal claim/lawsuit
  •       We take on a limited number of cases at any given time
  •       You will not be treated as another case number
  •       We will offer as much support as possible
  •       We seek maximum damages

When we are unable to reach an acceptable settlement, we will be ready to take your case to trial

Jeff Murphy Law: Trusted By Bikers Throughout Florida

No matter how experienced you may be with riding a motorcycle, there are inherent risks. Simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time could cause you to be injured. Some of the common reasons accident occur include:

  •       Distracted driving
  •       Drunk driving
  •       Racing
  •       Speeding
  •       Driving to intimidate
  •       Failing to acknowledge bikers
  •       Failure to follow the rules of the road
  •       Road debris or defects
  •       Objects in the road
  •       Poor weather conditions
  •       Lack of signs

The injuries that may result from any of the above, or those that are not listed, can be moderate, catastrophic, or deadly. Bikers come to our firm because they know they can count on us to recover damages such as:

  •       Medical care 
  •       Future medical treatment
  •       Lost wages
  •       Loss of income
  •       Property damage
  •       Loss of consortium
  •       Pain and suffering
  •       Emotional distress
  •       + More

Even if the Following Apply, Please Call Jeff Murphy Law

  •       You might be partially at fault
  •       You don’t know who is at fault
  •       The at-fault party fled the scene
  •       The at-fault party is uninsured or underinsured

You didn’t take any photos

The above issues are common, and not a reason to avoid calling a lawyer. Right now, reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer Tampa, Florida trusts to explore your legal options. 

What You Should Know As  Victim of a Motorcycle Accident

After being involved in a motorcycle accident, one of the first things a motorcycle accident lawyer in Tampa, FL at Jeff Murphy Law suggests doing is contacting your insurance company to file a report. However, we advise clients to be wary with their insurance agency during this time. Always keep in mind that while an agent may personally want to give you all the money in the world to overcome the accident, they may be more motivated to save the insurance company money since they are a professional representative.

Unfortunately, all too often victims of motorcycle accidents get tricked in the following ways by their own insurance company:

They Don’t Get What They Deserve in a Settlement

It may be disappointing to realize that your insurance company is all about supporting you, up until you really need them due to an accident. Your insurance company may offer you a settlement that is significantly lower than what your claim is truly worth. And because the average person doesn’t understand the inner workings of insurance, they may accept the money without knowing they deserve more.

This is why we urge victims of motorcycle accidents to not accept a settlement until they have chatted with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Tampa. We can help you decide whether the settlement can cover all your past, current, and future expenses related to the accident.

The Company Makes You Believe Hiring an Attorney is a Waste of Time

Your Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer in FL can investigate further into the accident and your insurance coverage, to see if any influential facts or contract terms can be revealed. Your insurance company may want you to think that hiring an attorney is a waste of time and money. But in some cases, getting a professional legal opinion could be the one decision that changes everything. By consulting with a legal professional, it could open a window of information about what you deserve for the motorcycle accident despite what your insurance company wants you to believe.

That You Can’t Do Anything About a Claim Denial

Regardless of what your insurance company says, chances are you can probably fight a claim denial. Your insurance agency must act with good faith and be reasonable when evaluating your claim. An insurance company may deny your claim immediately if the losses are insurmountable, just to see if they can avoid paying you a settlement. They may be hoping that you simply accept this judgement and assume that is the final answer. But with help from a Tampa, FL motorcycle accident lawyer we may be possible to fight against this denial and get you a financial award you need to get back on your feet financially and physically.

Tips for Preventing Road Rage Motorcycle Accidents

When you’re in a road rage motorcycle accident, call the police. Do not ride off because you might be cited for leaving the scene of an accident. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, it could negate a claim. If you’re scared of the other driver, call for help right away. Don’t engage with the driver until police get there. Although road rage accidents don’t make the news as much as they once did, aggressive drivers are still a problem.

Here are four strategies for dealing with road rage and avoiding accidents while on a motorcycle: 

Stay Calm

If another driver is tailgating or honking at you, don’t react. Continue driving in a safe manner. Let the other car get around you. Don’t respond with other aggressive tactics. Let them pass. Don’t hit your brakes. Don’t antagonize the situation. Ignore hand gestures and honking.

Just Yield

If you can’t pull over safely, turn at the next place you can. It’s much safer to spend a few minutes backtracking than to drive unsafely. Just get out of their way. You don’t have to respond to a risky driver and place yourself in danger.

Be Thoughtful While Driving

Don’t use your horn irresponsibly. The horn is a safety feature to alert other drivers to your presence, not to get cars to move out of your way. When you hear a horn, try to consider the context before ignoring it. Look to see if you’ve missed something and adjust your riding. Use your turn signals. Follow the speed limit. Slow down when the conditions call for it. Be an alert motorcycle rider. Stay calm and focused on the road. Don’t text or operate the motorcycle distractedly. Take a defensive rider class to learn techniques that will help you drive safer.

Don’t Be an Aggressive Rider

You can avoid a lot of accidents by driving defensively instead of offensively. Don’t aggravate other drivers on the road and escalate a situation by being aggressive on the road. If you are stressed about getting somewhere on time, call and let the person know you’ll be late. Don’t drive when you are upset. Give yourself time to calm down. You want to get to your destination safe. It’s better to make someone wait a few minutes for you than getting an accident that slows you down for hours or even worse, permanently.

Don’t let your insurance company control the narrative when it comes to handling your motorcycle accident claim. And, while out riding your motorcycle, try to keep your wits about you if another driver is acting aggressively. Please reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Tampa, Florida from Jeff Murphy Law about a free initial consultation, so we can begin fighting for your behalf. 




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