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February 29, 2024

Tips for Preventing Road Rage Motorcycle Accidents

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When you’re in a road rage motorcycle accident, call the police. Do not ride off because you might be cited for leaving the scene of an accident. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, it could negate a claim. If you’re scared of the other driver, call for help right away. Don’t engage with the driver until police get there. Although road rage accidents don’t make the news as much as they once did, aggressive drivers are still a problem.

Here are four strategies for dealing with road rage and avoiding accidents while on a motorcycle: 

Stay Calm

If another driver is tailgating or honking at you, don’t react. Continue driving in a safe manner. Let the other car get around you. Don’t respond with other aggressive tactics. Let them pass. Don’t hit your brakes. Don’t antagonize the situation. Ignore hand gestures and honking.

Just Yield

If you can’t pull over safely, turn at the next place you can. It’s much safer to spend a few minutes backtracking than to drive unsafely. Just get out of their way. You don’t have to respond to a risky driver and place yourself in danger.

Be Thoughtful While Driving

Don’t use your horn irresponsibly. The horn is a safety feature to alert other drivers to your presence, not to get cars to move out of your way. When you hear a horn, try to consider the context before ignoring it. Look to see if you’ve missed something and adjust your riding. Use your turn signals. Follow the speed limit. Slow down when the conditions call for it. Be an alert motorcycle rider. Stay calm and focused on the road. Don’t text or operate the motorcycle distractedly. Take a defensive rider class to learn techniques that will help you drive safer.

Don’t Be an Aggressive Rider

You can avoid a lot of accidents by driving defensively instead of offensively. Don’t aggravate other drivers on the road and escalate a situation by being aggressive on the road. If you are stressed about getting somewhere on time, call and let the person know you’ll be late. Don’t drive when you are upset. Give yourself time to calm down. You want to get to your destination safe. It’s better to make someone wait a few minutes for you than getting an accident that slows you down for hours or even worse, permanently.

Don’t let your insurance company control the narrative when it comes to handling your motorcycle accident claim. And, while out riding your motorcycle, try to keep your wits about you if another driver is acting aggressively. Please reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Tampa, Florida from Jeff Murphy Law about a free initial consultation, so we can begin fighting for your behalf. 

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