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December 23, 2021

Can a Lawyer Help With My Plea?

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Can a Lawyer Help With My Plea?

When you are accused of a crime and have been scheduled for your arraignment, you should know that you have different plea options. You don’t want to simply plead guilty, especially when you also have the alternative of pleading “no contest”. This is using the excuse that is neither an admission nor a denial. Pleading no contest commonly happens when arranging a plea. The pleading law changes from one state to the next, and pleading no contest isn’t generally something you can do on your own, especially without the proper understanding. It is best to talk with a lawyer, like a criminal lawyer from a law firm like The Lynch Law Group. When you are accused of criminal allegations so you can make the best decision for your case.

Although pleading no contest is almost comparable to “liable”, this plea cannot be used as evidence against the prosecution if you are later arrested for a similar crime. While the defendant can be arrested on a similar level for a similar charge, by pleading no contest, no evidence of the case can later be used against them considering there was never any affirmation of blame. 

Advantages of pleading no contest:

  • You welcome the chance of a lesser charge 
  • There is a chance of a lessened sentence

Similarly, as there are advantages to this plea, there are disadvantages to this plea. Assuming you somehow managed to plead no contest for a crime but were found guilty and you are later arrested for similar crimes, that previous case will be on your record and can be used against you when deciding your sentence or punishment. What exacerbates it, is because of this past no contest plea, your new sentence may be more awful than if it were your first offense. 

For a better understanding of the law in your state and your plea decisions, before you make a decision it is best to speak with a lawyer you can rely on that will be able to teach you about the best decision for your situation. What you plead in court can affect your record and considering there is an absence of knowledge of the law, if you, a friend, or a family member is ordered to appear in court it is best that you have legitimate representation by your side. Someone that can review your case, point you in the right direction, and assist with building the defense you will need for your case. You should not do it without help from an attorney. Find a local law firm to help you today.

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