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April 07, 2022

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help You?

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Car accidents happen to thousands of people each day. Many of these accidents are minor where only a minor fender-bender is involved. Other accidents though can sometimes have significant injuries and even fatalities. It’s important to turn to a car accident lawyer for assistance following a car accident. This is because a lawyer can offer many benefits to recovering possible damages and other important actions following an accident. If you, a friend, a family member, or someone else you know has been in a car accident recently and is wondering about the next steps, then reach out to Jeff Murphy Law for assistance with your case and possible lawsuit.

Car accident lawyer

A car accident lawyer has the experience and skills to assist with car accident cases. They also can set up a case and potential lawsuit against those who are responsible for causing the car accident. Something else that they are experienced in is dealing with all of the different documents that are involved with these proceeds. Various documents will be needed to be submitted to the courts and other groups in order to get the case submitted and moving in the right direction. Legal counsel understands the different documents and also the corresponding timelines as well as statutes of limitations that are linked to the case. The state of Florida typically institutes a 4-year deadline. This means that a car accident case must be submitted no later than 4 years after the incident.

Damages and Compensation

Different damages and compensation packages are generally involved with car accident cases. When the other party is found to be at fault and the non-responsible party has injuries than these most likely will be compensated. Such compensation can cover things like lost wages from missing work, future lost wages from missing work, medical bills, doctor visits, property damages, and more. Pain and suffering is also something that can be negotiated and depending on the circumstances could be a quite high amount. Car accident lawyers can fill you in more on the different details of the compensation involved as well as the different types of things that may qualify for compensation with your car accident and subsequent personal injury case. 

Dealing With Insurance & Other Parties

Insurance is another headache that is involved with car accidents. Car insurance companies typically want to get a case over with quickly and for a lower amount than is deserved. This is another reason why legal counsel is so important to have on your side. Experienced car accident lawyers understand what the car insurance company is trying to do and more importantly know how to counteract those actions. It’s generally advised to not accept the first offer as this is generally a much lower amount than is deserved. To learn more about how to start a case or have someone deal with insurance on your behalf, contact Jeff Murphy Law today to speak with an experienced and skilled car accident lawyer in Tampa, FL.

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