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April 07, 2022

How Can an Auto Accident Lawyer Help You?

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Auto accidents are an unfortunate reality that occurs to numerous individuals in America and around the world each day. The chances are great that you or someone you know has or will be in an auto accident one day. While most of these accidents are minor where injuries aren’t even reported, there are many others where injuries do occur and significant property damage is inflicted. If you or someone you know has been injured in an auto accident then reach out to Jeff Murphy Law to get the assistance you need with your case and possible lawsuit.

Can an Auto Accident Lawyer Really Help?

Auto accident lawyers have helped numerous people get the damages and compensation they deserve from their auto accident cases. They can help receive compensation from a variety of different circumstances surrounding auto accidents too. These lawyers have the necessary skills and experience to conduct investigations into fault and other actions from the auto accident. They also know all about the different stipulations and statutes of limitations that coincide with auto accident cases. While a lawyer is not mandatory following an auto accident there is no doubt that they can help out dramatically. Whether it be through proving fault or helping with being fairly compensated they are certainly helpful. 

What Damages Are Available or Benefits?

There may be numerous potential compensatory damages awarded in your auto accident case. Some of those damages include lost wages from missing work, future lost wages from having to miss work due to injury, medical bills, therapy sessions, doctor visits, and more. Your auto accident lawyer can assist you with all of the different details of compensation packages surrounding auto accidents. Property damage for damage to your vehicle or other property is often also involved with these cases. Don’t hesitate to reach out to legal counsel as there are timelines and statutes of limitations that go along with auto accident cases. The state of Florida states that an auto accident case must be filed no later than 4 years after the accident. Your lawyer can fill you in more on the details about these timelines as well as the comparisons with the timelines in other states.

Legal Counsel is Available

Don’t wait too long to get the help you need with your auto accident. Those who caused your injuries due to their negligence should be held accountable for the pain and damage they have caused. The longer someone waits to submit a claim the more tricky the process can be with the different deadlines and timelines that must be adhered to. It’s also important that a lesson is taught to the party who has been found responsible for this injury. Holding them accountable is also a great measure at keeping them from doing this action to others. Reach out to Jeff Murphy Law today to speak with an auto accident lawyer in Tampa, FL to get the help you need and deserve with your case. 

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