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November 28, 2022

Injuries From A Cell Phone Accident 

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Cell Phone Law

Unfortunately, cell phone-related accidents happen with vehicles all the time. It can be so easy to get distracted, whether you are waiting on an important phone call or pulling up your more recent texts while you wait at a red light. People often do not think of themselves as having this bad habit until they get into a car accident. It can be easy to get lost in the details of a text message or get distracted while listening to important information over the phone. Instead of pulling over to a safe area to respond, people think that it is so unlikely they will get into an accident that they continue paying attention to their cell phones. However, cell phone-related car accidents make up almost 25% of car accidents every year. If you were injured while driving because someone was on their phone, it is crucial that you get legal help. 

What are the laws regarding cell phone use while driving? 

This is going to depend on where you live or where you got into an accident. There are over a dozen states–and Washington, DC–that have laws prohibiting the use of cell phones unless you are using a hands-free device. There are other state laws that allow local governments and jurisdictions to pass certain laws banning the use of mobile devices while driving. Thus, hands-free devices may not be legal everywhere you go. 

While this can be confusing since there are so many laws regarding cell phone use, it is important to remember that the safest bet is to set your phone aside and don’t touch it until you are safely parked. 

What can I do when someone injured me? 

Now, while you may be obeying cell phone use laws, it’s safe (or unsafe) to say that others are likely not obeying these laws. If you were in an accident that caused you to become injured and you believe–or have reasonable suspicion–that the other driver was using their phone, it is important that you speak with a lawyer, like a DC cell phone law lawyer from a law firm like Cohen & Cohen.

Working with a lawyer can provide you with many benefits, especially if you believe the other driver was using a cell phone but do not have definitive proof. Your lawyer can help pull their phone records and can get surveillance footage that may show them using their phone while driving. This will go a long way in showing who was responsible for the accident and that you need compensation for the injuries you have suffered from. 

Get Legal Help After Your Accident

Understandably, you may still be quite shaken after the accident and this can make it difficult to start the process of filing a claim. This is another reason it is beneficial to speak with a lawyer you can rely on. For more information, reach out to a local law firm today to see what they can do after your cell phone-related car accident.  

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