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May 31, 2022

Learning Lessons from a Fiery U.S. 301 Crash

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Learning Lessons from a Fiery U.S. 301 Crash

As a personal injury lawyer Tampa, FL residents trust can emphatically confirm, that there are great lessons to be learned from motor vehicle crashes that have occurred on local roads. Although the first order of business after an accident is—and unquestionably should be—to address the needs of the victims, the second order of business should be to learn the lessons that the crash can teach us all.  

For example, a fatal crash occurred recently in Hillsborough and resulted in the temporary closure of U.S. 301. Four vehicles were involved in the crash. In addition to the two fatal injury victims lost in the wreck, a pickup driver and passenger were airlifted to receive medical care after their vehicle caught fire. It is currently unclear why a woman in her 30s drove her SUV over the centerline of U.S. 301 before crashing into the pickup truck. She died at the scene. A few moments later, a semitrailer struck the SUV, sideswiped another vehicle, and killed a good Samaritan traveling on foot to aid the victims.

While it can be difficult to understand what there is to be learned from such a tragedy, the dedicated legal team at Jeff Murphy Law believes that there is an opportunity to learn from both the circumstances and aftermath of every Florida motor vehicle accident.

What to Do When an Accident Occurs

Accidents happen. Sometimes, they occur when road conditions are poor and drivers are conscious that they are at higher risk than usual and sometimes they seem to occur out of the clear blue sky. In either event, there are things that every motorist, teen passenger, and adult passenger should keep in mind in the event of a wreck.

First, if it is possible to move your vehicle to the side of the road, do so, in order to better ensure that your vehicle isn’t struck by another oncoming car, truck, or motorcycle. In the recent U.S. 301 crash, an oncoming semitrailer struck the SUV moments after the crash. That semitrailer also sideswiped another vehicle and killed a good Samaritan traveling on foot. Unfortunately, this accident occurred on a stretch of U.S. 301 that wasn’t a multilane portion of the highway. The SUV in question had flipped and the pickup truck was on fire, so it wasn’t possible to move these vehicles. However, if it had been possible to get them out of the way, the oncoming semitrailer could have possibly passed the wreck by without harming anyone.

Second, as Jeff Murphy Law’s trusted Tampa, FL car accident lawyer can attest, lives can be saved when the medical care of accident victims is treated as the number one priority on the scene. Moving a vehicle over to the side of the road can help to prevent a pile-up situation. But once vehicles are moved (if possible) to prevent a greater risk of injury and loss of life, calling 911 to alert first responders to injuries at the scene is of utmost importance. All other practical, legal, and financial concerns can wait until victims have received urgently needed medical care.

Seeking Legal Guidance

If you’ve recently been injured in an accident in the Tampa area, connect with the dedicated legal team at Jeff Murphy Law to learn more about your rights and options. As noted above, our firm believes in learning from every accident but we also believe that the first order of business after a crash is tending to the needs of the victims. We look forward to speaking with you.

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