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March 01, 2022

Signs of Neglect in Nursing Home Residents

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Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

The physical abuse of nursing home and long-term care facility residents often results in marks on the body. It may not always be easy to tell whether these marks originated as a result of abuse or not, but there generally are some physical signs that a resident is being assaulted in one way or another. Signs of neglect may be harder to detect until the neglect has occurred over a significant period of time. This is because the first signs of neglect are often social, mental, and emotional.

The “invisible” changes that neglected residents manifest may easily be attributed to other factors. For example, agitation, an unwillingness to communicate with loved ones, or sleeplessness may be relatively dismissed as related to grief over a recent loss, frustration with the resident’s declining health, or a result of a falling out with a loved one. However, these signs may also be early indicators of neglect. This is one of the many reasons why loved ones of nursing home residents shouldn’t hesitate to connect with an attorney in a risk-free consultation setting if they have suspicions that neglect may be occurring. Speaking with an attorney won’t obligate you to act. However, it may provide you with clarity such that you can make truly informed decisions about advocating for your loved one’s best interests.

Physical and “Invisible” Signs of Neglect

If your loved one has bedsores, is not having their hygienic needs tended to, is breaking out in rashes due to not being changed often enough, is dehydrated, or is significantly dropping weight, these may be physical red flags concerning neglect. Similarly, potential red flags for neglect that may not be objectively visible include social isolation, significant changes in mood, and significant behavioral changes. Even something as “simple” as a loved one losing interest in a long-beloved television show can be a sign that something simply isn’t right.

As an experienced nursing home neglect lawyer – including those who practice at Davis & Brusca, LLC – can confirm, not every physical or invisible sign of neglect is evidence that neglect is, indeed, occurring. However, loved ones should be proactive about voicing any concerns they may have to an attorney in order to better determine whether there is a reason to take action to protect the vulnerable resident. If an investigation into your loved one’s circumstances needs to be initiated, an attorney can help with that process.

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