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February 06, 2023

Tips To Handle Faulty Products

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Wrongful Death Lawyer Tampa, FL Getting a new product is always a fun and exciting experience. Whether you received something as a gift, treated yourself, or finally just took the leap and purchased that one item you have always wanted, a new product can bring a thrill. Unfortunately, as a wrongful death lawyer knows all too well, many products nowadays are faulty. While most faulty products just result in annoyances, some can actually cause death if used incorrectly. A trendy item currently is an air fryer. However, there have been many recalled due to the fact that they can catch fire randomly. If you have a faulty product, what should you do? Here are some tips:

Stop Using It

You may notice what you have purchased is not working the way it should. For example, you may notice that a new electronic actually starts to overheat and smoke when turned on. Stop using that immediately. Turn it off and power it down. Place it in a safe space where it can return to normal. On the other hand, you may receive a notice from a company that the product is faulty. Even if you have been using the item regularly and it has been performing for you just fine, you should still stop immediately. Continued use could lead to injury or even death.

Dispose of It

Many electronics today cannot just be thrown safely into the trash, especially if they are already a safety hazard. Refer to your item’s user manual, the company’s website that created it, or reach out to the company to know the safest way to dispose of the item. Sometimes, by doing this the company can even send you a replacement item or a replacement part to ensure that everything will work properly. If you still want the item out of your house, just make sure to get rid of it in the safest way possible.

Contact the Company

If you are using the product and notice a fault in it such as sparking wires, contact the company that created it immediately. They should be notified there is a problem with the product so they can warn other consumers, if they have not done so already. Take photos and videos of the product when it is not in use and when it is being used where it is appearing to be faulty. It is also good to have this evidence on hand for later use if you must bring on a lawyer due to a personal injury suit or even a wrongful death suit.

Contact a Lawyer

If the company that created the product is refusing to help you with the situation, you may need to hire a lawyer. If use of the product lead to injury or death, then you should certainly contact a lawyer for a consultation. They can help you get compensation for medical bills and lost wages caused by their negligence. Even if you are unsure of whether or not you have a case, it is best to contact a lawyer immediately for help.

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