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April 07, 2022

What Personal Injuries Can Receive Damages?

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Receiving any type of injury is never something that someone wants to go through. The good news though is that many types of injuries may be eligible to receive compensation. There’s no reason that anyone should have to suffer and fully pay for their medical bills that were caused by another person or party. Reach out to Jeff Murphy Law to get the assistance you or your family need for a personal injury.

Different Types of Personal Injuries

There are many different personal injuries that fall under the category of being able to receive compensation. Many personal injuries may be eligible for a compensation package for the pain and injury they have caused someone. These injuries range from minor to severe and may come from a variety of different sources. Some of these injuries include injuries resulting from:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents – These fall under premises liability as well. Property managers or owners are supposed to ensure their properties are free from any unsafe obstacles and dangers. When they fail at this and someone gets injured they are held responsible. 
  • Elevator and Escalator incidents – These types of devices have been known to malfunction and cause minor to severe injuries. 
  • Medical Malpractice – Doctors are held to a high standard for a reason. The care and services they provide to patients could be life-altering or life-threatening when they make a mistake. When they end up making a mistake it oftentimes leads to a lawsuit.
  • Nursing Home Abuse – Staff at nursing homes may be trained poorly or have an inadequate amount of staff present at the facility. When this happens it can be detrimental to nursing home residents. Such injuries that have occurred include broken bones, bruising, cuts, and mental abuse.
  • Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents – These types of accidents can be severe especially when involving vehicles. When a vehicle collides with a bicycle rider or a motorcycle rider it can cause severe and even fatal injuries. 
  • Pedestrian and Scooter Accidents – Similar to bicycle accidents, pedestrian and scooter accidents can also be severe and even fatal when involving a negligent driver. 
  • Car and Truck Accidents – These are some of the most common accidents resulting in injury and happen for a variety of different reasons. Injuries can be severe and property damage to vehicles may also be high.
  • Construction Accidents – Poorly trained workers or malfunctioning equipment has led to numerous construction-related accidents. 
  • Product Defect – Defective products that are incorrectly manufactured or labeled have led to many injuries.

Holding The Responsible Party Accountable

A personal injury lawyer in Tampa, FL can help out if you have been injured from any of these sources. There are many other injuries that also may be eligible that your lawyer can discuss with you. No one should have to suffer through injuries caused by others and be left to pay all of the bills. Reach out to Jeff Murphy law to learn more about your potential case and how to go about filing a lawsuit.

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