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September 03, 2022

What To Do if Injured by Medical Staff

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Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people are injured by medical professionals each year, as a personal injury lawyer Elk Grove, IL clients trust from Therman Law Offices, LTD has seen before. While the vast majority of these instances are unintentional, that does not always alleviate the caregiver of responsibility for resulting injuries or death. If you have been injured by a medical professional, keep reading for some helpful information on what you might want to do next.

Take Care of Yourself

Before taking any legal action, be sure to care for yourself physically and mentally. If you sustained serious injury unnecessarily as a result of medical care, you must ensure you are as healthy as possible before considering a lawsuit. Whenever possible, remedy the situation caused by the subpar medical care before seriously considering a lawsuit against the medical professionals that caused the injury. If you are experiencing emotional issues caused by the care you received, seek psychiatric care and document your need for such care.

Keep All Documentation

Oftentimes people throw away old insurance records and medical bills once they have been paid. In circumstances where you believe you could have been the victim of medical malpractice, keep all documentation related to your injury. Additionally, keep all documentation for treatment you have undergone as a result of the injury you sustained. In order to build a legal case against a medical professional, you must provide extensive documentation to prove that you were injured as a result of medical treatment. Without proper documentation, a medical malpractice lawsuit will be impossible to build, even by the most skilled attorney.

Contact an Attorney

Once you have gotten yourself as physically and mentally healthy as possible after your injury, conduct some research and contact some medical malpractice attorneys in your area. Once you have met with a few, you can find out whether or not one or more will take your case. In the event that multiple lawyers are interested in taking the case, choose the lawyer you feel will best represent your interests in court. Before determining whether or not to take on your malpractice case, a lawyer may ask you to provide extensive documentation. This could include medical records, medical bills, photos, insurance records and more. Provide as much of this information to the prospective attorneys as possible so that they have the best possible understanding of the injuries you sustained at the hands of medical professionals.

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