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February 03, 2022

Who Is Responsible And Premises Liability Cases?

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Who is responsible and premises liability cases?

When you own a property or you rent the property, the property is essentially yours in terms of liability. This means that you have a duty of care to other people, to ensure the people who come onto the property legally do not suffer an injury. This responsibility is called premises liability and holds property owners and residents liable to legal terms for accidents and injuries that happen on their property.

The types of accidents that can result in premises liability claims range from slip and fall on a public sidewalk to somebody being injured on an amusement park ride. So if a postman is delivering a package to you and he falls on an oil slick in your driveway, they may have a claim. The only time this carrier would not have a claim is if they acted in an unsafe way.

You should talk to your personal injury lawyer if you think you have a claim. They will know best about whether you have a valid case. Personal injury lawyers are going to be a really good help to you during this time.

How is liability determined?

Liability is determined when somebody is injured on your property, but there are more specific laws and regulations about how liability is determined that depend on the legal status of the visitor, the condition of the property, the actions of the property owner in the visitor if the person is injured is a trespasser or a child, what happens when both owner and the visitor is at fault for the injury and special rules for the landlords of properties. You should talk to your personal injury lawyer if you believe a premises liability claim has led to your injury, and I will be able to help you.

So let’s talk about the legal status of the visitor because it is important and states where they only focused on the status of the visitor that is on the property when they are injured. There are more different labels that can apply to visitors of your property and these are listed below:

  • An invitee is somebody that you are invited onto the property. On private property, this customer is invited to a private business, in a public setting. This looks like a customer and store. Because of this label, the person is able to assume that the property owner or possessor has taken steps to ensure the safety of the premises and all visitors on the premises.
  • A licensee is somebody who enters the property for their own purpose, or is considered to be a guest and is present at the concept of the owner.
  • A social guest is a welcome visitor to the property. This is the area that most of your family and friends fall into.
  • A trespasser is somebody that does not have the right to be on the property, and often in the case of a licensee in a trespasser, there is no promise even through implication that there has been reasonable care to ensure the safety of the people on the property.

Reach out to your personal injury lawyer if you think you have a case. They will also be able to help you understand the liability laws of your state. Not every state focuses only on the legal status of the visitor, some of them focus on the circumstances in which a visitor entered the property, and more.

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