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June 30, 2022

Why Is A Strong Lawyer-Client Relationship Important To Your Case?

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The relationship between you and your personal injury lawyer primarily depends on three crucial factors: Confidence, Accessibility, and Trust. Since the connection is fiduciary, it also necessitates the utmost fidelity. Good communication with your attorney is very important to a successful relationship. Once you retain your attorney, they work to do their best to gather all facts connected to your case. During the discovery phase, they put in meticulous efforts to identify the strong and weak points of your case. Their responsibility is to treat that knowledge with maximum confidentiality and protect your interests. Therefore, it is essential to form a solid lawyer-client relationship so you can be sure that your chosen attorney will remain true to you and maintain the attorney-client privilege.

Building an Attorney-Client Relationship

We understand that most injury victims are fearful and anxious. They have little idea of how and where to seek help. However, competent and experienced attorneys help break this barrier and establish a strong lawyer-client relationship.

When you hire a competent and compassionate attorney, they remain by your side no matter how much time you demand or the support you require. They interact with you one-on-one, listen to your needs, and stay in the moment. Ultimately, both parties will benefit from a strong relationship. If you aren’t feeling comfortable when speaking to your lawyer, take time to analyze whether or not you wish to move ahead with the law firm.

Importance of Trust

Open and honest communication lines, setting clear expectations, and easy accessibility are important traits to look for in your personal injury lawyer. There’s no substitute for building trust. While the trustworthiness of an attorney may be subjective, a good attorney will try to connect with your fears and anxieties and utilize an approach that helps the case move forward.

At Jeff Murphy Law, we take every opportunity to build a lasting and strong relationship with our clients. We stay in touch from start to end so clients know their case is being handled properly and their questions are promptly answered. Building trust from the very beginning also allows us to represent clients effectively and prepare them for the potential outcomes.

Jeff Murphy Law Attorneys Can Assist You Better

If you are looking for a reliable, skilled, and reputable attorney in Tampa, Jeff Murphy Law is the name you can count on. Having over three decades of experience, we specialize in fighting for our clients in both personal injury and wrongful death cases. As a trusted personal injury law firm in Florida, we have been helping clients navigate the legal complications that arise in their cases and obtain the best possible result. Our attorneys are experienced and aggressive and know how to get our clients the outcomes they deserve.

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