Lyft Accident Lawyer Tampa, Florida

Lyft Accident Lawyer Tampa, Florida

Jeff Murphy Law is the kind of Lyft accident lawyer Tampa, Florida individuals and families should turn to for informed legal guidance and honest advocacy. For years, our firm has been protecting the rights of victims who suffered harm at the hands of another person (or entity). We are recognized for our knowledge, experience, and dedication to our clients. This drive has enabled us to build a sound reputation known amongst the Tampa legal system.

What is Lyft?

Lyft is a rideshare service that connects people to a driver through a mobile application. Users can input their ride request, and a driver in the area will accept it. The service is similar to Uber and is very popular in Florida. 

Although widely used, Lyft, like other rideshare services, has caused legal concerns; particularly when it comes to accidents. As a Lyft accident lawyer in Tampa, Florida, we know of many cases that involve both locals and tourists who were unaware of their legal rights after a collision in a rideshare vehicle. Some questions that often arise include:

  • Who is held responsible?
  • Whose insurance policy will cover me?
  • What is the maximum policy limit available?
  • Should I call the Lyft corporate offices to report what happened?
  • Should I talk with Lyft if they try to contact me?
  • What kind of legal action should I take?
  • At what point should I call a Lyft lawyer in Tampa, Florida?

It is important to understand that anyone involved in a Lyft accident has legal rights. Depending on the circumstances, compensation may be available. Although there are limited precise laws regarding rideshare services, accident claims that involve Lyft typically will fit into personal injury law.  For this reason, you should choose an auto accident lawyer in Tampa, Florida who handles personal injury claims. 

Are Lyft Drivers Insured?

When it comes to insurance coverage and Lyft drivers, this is a complicated topic that should be personally addressed during a consultation. Generally speaking, Lyft drivers are not employees of Lyft. This means that it is certainly possible for Lyft, and their team of lawyers, to deny any wrongdoing, and make a claim that they should not be included in the claim. That being said, Lyft does provide some coverage to both the driver and passenger. Whether you will be covered by Lyft will depend on what happened. 

Jeff Murphy Law: We Fight for Victims of Lyft Accidents

Not only are our lawyers well versed in personal injury law, but also the rights that apply to victims of rideshare accidents. We are ready to provide you with honest legal advice and a supportive ear to listen to your worries and questions. Lyft is not a company that you should attempt to tackle on your own. They have a team of lawyers who are very good at their job – which may be to deny you any compensation that is deserved. By having a lawyer on your side, you can feel peace of mind in knowing your case is in good hands. For a consultation with a Lyft accident lawyer in Tampa, Florida, call Jeff Murphy Law.

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