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Motorcycle Traffic Collision Lawyer Tampa, FL

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Motorcycle Traffic Collision Lawyer Tampa, FL Motorcycle Traffic Collision Lawyer Tampa, FL

A motorcycle traffic collision lawyer Tampa, FL trusts from Jeff Murphy Law understands that you may be in serious, life-altering pain after you have been the victim in a motorcycle accident. We have helped many clients who were doing everything they believe was necessary while riding their motorcycles: following traffic laws, wearing a helmet, wearing proper safety gear, and paying attention to others on the road. However, even if you were doing everything right, that does not account for others on the road who are not as vigilant as you are. When this is the case, your caution can still not make up for those who are negligent or reckless. If you are considering working with an attorney to help get you compensation after a motorcycle collision, call Jeff Murphy Law now. 

Why are these accidents so much worse? 

Motorcycles can be extremely useful tools: they can be relatively low maintenance, fun to ride, and get you from point A to point B quickly. However, when you purchase a motorcycle you need to remember that no matter how careful you are, you will never be as protected as you would in another automobile. You will not have the same luxury of airbags and you will not have a steel frame around you that can absorb shock and impacts. This means that when a motorcyclist gets T-boned by another vehicle, it is the person who takes the hit, not the vehicle. 

I didn’t go to a doctor immediately after the accident. Will this harm my claim? 

Not everyone is able to go to the doctor quickly after an accident or you may not have realized you were injured immediately. When this is the case, our motorcycle accident lawyer Tampa, FL offers recommends you still go seek medical attention as soon as possible. Your doctor will be able to look for injuries you may not realize are there (like traumatic brain injuries) and create a medical record that you can use for your claim. If you have no medical record, an insurance company will most certainly try to use this against you, so seek help from a doctor as soon as you are able to. 

What should I do when a police officer is at the scene? 

Always cooperate with police officers. Never admit fault, never say “I’m sorry,” and never say that the damage that is done is not so bad. Be respectful, give any necessary information, and move on. A police record can hurt or help depending on how you act while at the accident scene. 

Do you need help from an attorney after a motorcycle accident? Contact our reliable Tampa, Florida motorcycle traffic collision lawyer from Jeff Murphy Law today. 

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