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Reckless Driving Lawyer Tampa, FL

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If you have sustained injuries from another driver who was driving recklessly, you should seek out legal help from a local reckless driving lawyer Tampa, FL trusts from Jeff Murphy Law. We understand how terrifying it can be to be injured in this way. Perhaps you were coming home after picking up groceries, coming from a friend’s house, or leaving a gas station. Whatever your reason for being out, we know you were not expecting to be injured by someone who had no regard for others while they were behind the wheel. After you have been injured in a reckless driving accident, it is important that you get the help you need; this includes legal help. Call our office to see what we can do for you now. 

What happens when a person is charged with reckless driving? 

When a person is facing a reckless driving charge, it means they could be facing a misdemeanor charge, especially if someone else was injured in the accident or vehicle damage occurred. On the other hand, if serious bodily injury occurred (there was a loss of limb or some other type of disfigurement), then the person who was driving recklessly may be facing felony charges. There are other factors that may influence how the defendant is charged, including whether they were driving with children in the car or whether they have other convictions on their record. 

Injuries You May Be Dealing With After the Accident

A reckless driving accident is just that: reckless. Which means the other driving likely wasn’t doing anything to stop the accident from occurring. The attorneys from our hit and run accident law firm Tampa, FL office know that when you are injured in a reckless driving accident, you may be suffering from a variety of injuries. Some of these may be: 

  • Cuts and abrasions
  • Bruises
  • Bone fractures
  • Pulled muscles

While these are some of the more minor injuries you could be suffering from, you might also be experiencing more damaging injuries, like the loss of a limb, burns, paralysis, or a brain injury. Because it is nearly impossible to tell the extent of the damage at the scene of the accident, it is always safest to seek medical help following the accident. 

What else can you do?

When you sustain injuries from a reckless driving accident, we know that you may even be dealing with a fear of getting back on the road. Leave it up to us to handle the legal side of this accident for you. To see what we can do, call our Tampa, Florida reckless driving lawyer now.

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