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Scooter Accident Lawyer in Tampa, FL

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Scooter Accident Lawyer in Tampa, FL Scooter Accident Lawyer in Tampa, FL

A scooter accident lawyer in Tampa, FL at Jeff Murphy Law knows the tragedy that can ensue when riders get hurt from using electric scooters. Some of the busiest cities across the United States are filled to the brim with people, where getting around by car is almost impossible at times. This may be why popularity for using electric scooters has become such a popular choice. Sadly, many lives have been lost due to the dangerous nature of these electric methods of transportation.

If you or someone you care about what involved in a scooter-related accident, then we advise seeking counsel from a scooter accident lawyer in Tampa, Florida at Jeff Murphy Law right away.

How Electric Scooters Work

Companies that offer electric scooter rentals include Bird, Lime, Spin, Lyft, and Uber. All of these companies operate the rideshares in about the same way. You download an app onto your phone, locate an area with rentable scooters, ride it to wherever you need to go, and then ditch it at any location. It can seem like an easy alternative for those who don’t want to walk, but there are a multitude of risks a rider is taking by renting these scooters.

The Biggest Risk

The biggest risk present to scooter riders is other motorists. Because these scooters are fairly new, most drivers aren’t watching out for them. It can be easy to miss a scooter rider who is crossing the street, sharing a lane, or cruising down the bike lane. In the event of a collision, a scooter rider has no protection. Their body sustains the entirety of the impact since no gear is offered to the rider upon renting the scooter. While the scooter rental company may require the rider to sign a waiver agreeing to wear a helmet, a FL scooter accident lawyer in Tampa knows that the vast majority of people just don’t carry this with them as they travel. 

Why Rental Scooters Are a Problem

Rental scooters can be dangerous, even when used as intended. If a rider slams too hard on the brakes, they could be tossed over the front and land on the ground abruptly. Scooters also can go to speeds upwards of 20 MPH. And without a helmet, the impact from a crash could turn fatal. The injuries that tend to result from an electric scooter incident are severe and often require emergency medical care. Tragically, many riders have died upon impact after being struck by a car driver, or from hitting the pavement after the scooter got out of control.

Here at Jeff Murphy Law, a Tampa scooter accident lawyer knows that riders only have the best of intentions when they rent these handy little vehicles. However, some riders may not realize just how hazardous they can be until it’s too late. 

We understand that you may be in a great amount of pain and financial loss due to the scooter accident. If you are in need of legal help to pursue damages from the scooter company or an individual, then don’t hesitate to reach out to a Florida scooter accident lawyer from Jeff Murphy Law today. 

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