As a sports injury lawyer in Tampa, FL knows, when a child participates in sports, they are at a greater risk for becoming injured, whether it is through someone else’s negligence or through an accidental injury. Because of the number of injuries that occur during practice and sports games, it can be hard to know when your injuries are a result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness. We understand the difficulty that comes with recovering from an injury when you want to get back in the game. Reach out to our team of attorneys at Jeff Murphy Law if you or your child were injured while playing sports. 

What are the most common injuries that happen with youth sports? 

When your child is in sports, you may be all too familiar with them coming home with ripped and stained clothing, small abrasions, and bruises. None of this is uncommon when it comes to kids in sports. However, when your child is coming home with a more serious injury, it is important to understand how they got it. Particularly if they play hockey, football, or soccer, they may be more prone to getting seriously injured. Our Tampa, Florida sports injury lawyer knows that another person’s negligence may be responsible for your child coming home with a:

  • Cut
  • Broken or fractured bone
  • Traumatic brain injury

How do we pursue damages? 

When you want to file a claim to get compensation for the injuries your child has suffered from, an attorney can help. Often, and depending on where your child plays sports, you may have needed to sign a waiver. Essentially, this means you understand there will always be a certain risk of injury when your child plays sports. That said, if another player, a coach, or third party was violent or caused your child’s injury outside of the normal injuries they may sustain, this is when you should consider pursuing a claim. Gather as much information from your child surrounding the accident: 

  • Who caused it?
  • Was a coach watching or encouraging the action?
  • Was it caused in a way that was not normal to other sports injuries? 

Speaking with your attorney and gathering evidence for your claim is a good start to pursuing compensation. If you would like to learn more about pursuing a sports injury claim so that you can get compensation for medical and related costs, call us today. Our sports injury lawyer in Tampa, Florida is here to help you.

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