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Taxi Accident Lawyer Tampa, FL

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If you were riding in a taxi and were injured because you got into an automobile accident, you need to seek the help of a taxi accident lawyer Tampa, FL relies on from Jeff Murphy Law. Getting into a taxi means you are trusting that the taxi driver will drive you to your destination safely. That said, just because a taxi driver is likely more experienced in driving, it does not mean they will not get into an accident. The accident may be their fault or it may be the fault of someone else on the road. Regardless of liability, the fact that you were injured while riding a taxi already makes the situation more complicated than many automobile accidents. If you would like to see how our taxi accident attorney can help you, please call our office. 

What kind of injuries can happen from taxi accidents? 

When you walk away from a taxi accident, your auto accident lawyer Tampa, FL trusts knows that you may be suffering from any number of injuries. Common injuries you can sustain are:

  • Head Injuries. This can come in the form of a concussion, a penetrating wound, and even brain bruising. If you suspect a brain injury, you should seek medical help immediately. 
  • Sprains and Fractures. It is not uncommon to get minor sprains or more serious fractures after you have been injured in a tax accident. You may hurt your ribs from wearing your seatbelt or you may break your arm trying to shield yourself from the accident. 
  • Back Injuries. Back and spinal injuries are extremely serious. If you are suffering from a broken back or a severed spine, you may be dealing with temporary or permanent paralysis.
  • Amputations. If the accident is serious enough, something may slice through a part of your body or you may have wounds and injuries so serious that a surgeon needs to amputate an appendage. 

Who is liable for my injuries? 

This can go several ways. Typically, there are going to be two parties you would look to for compensation: the other driver who hit the taxi you were riding in or the driver of your taxi. Depending on whether the taxi cab driver is a public or private hire, they will have different types of insurance. You should speak with your attorney about anything you saw leading up to the accident and get the names and contact information of anyone who may have witnessed the accident. 

Want to learn how you can protect yourself after a taxi accident? Call the Tampa, Florida taxi accident lawyer from Jeff Murphy Law today.

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