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Uber Accident Lawyer Tampa, Florida

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Uber Accident Lawyer Tampa, Florida Uber Accident Lawyer Tampa, Florida

When it comes to choosing an honest, tenacious Uber accident lawyer Tampa, Florida residents tend to look no further than Jeff Murphy Law. For many years, we have successfully recovered compensation for those who have been injured in a rideshare accident. Let us review your case today. 

Can I Sue Uber?

Have you been injured in an Uber accident and you are thinking about calling a Tampa, Florida Uber accident lawyer? If not, now is the time to consider doing so. No matter who may have been at fault, you may have the right to file a claim or lawsuit against Uber. 

Realistically, an Uber accident lawyer is the most logical person who can help you to understand a case. At Jeff Murphy Law we offer consultations to injured victims and their family members.  To help you to understand more about whether you may have the right to compensation, consider these scenarios that tend to be applicable:

  • You were a paying passenger of an Uber car.
  • You were an occupant in a different car that was hit by an Uber car. 
  • You were a pedestrian, cyclist, or motorcyclist who was hit by an Uber driver.
  • The Uber driver assaulted you. 

How to Win a Lawsuit Against Uber

Like any other lawsuits (or claims), your car accident lawyer in Tampa, Florida will need to establish specific facts to collect a settlement on your behalf. These facts include:

  • Another party was responsible for the accident. 
  • Your injuries were the direct result of the accident. 
  • You have suffered economic and non-economic losses from the accident. 

Recovering Your Damages

If the Uber driver is found to be at fault, their policy may not cover your damages – or only to a certain extent. This could be due to low policy limits or that their policy doesn’t cover accidents that occurred while the vehicle was being used for commercial purposes. Because of this, Uber offers commercial driving insurance to its drivers. This policy offers coverage:

  • From the moment a driver picks up a passenger until they drop him or her off at their destination. 
  • While the driver is logged into the Uber app and ready to offer their transportation services, but does not currently have a passenger. 

If the driver is not logged into the app or is not transporting anyone, they are not on the clock. An accident that happens at this time will almost certainly not be covered by Uber. In this case, your lawyer may file a claim against the drivers’ own insurance policy. It is highly recommended to consult an Uber accident lawyer in Tampa, Florida to confirm the legal options applicable to your situation. 

Speak with Our Attorney Now!

When you are still recovering from being a victim in an Uber accident, you should be speaking with your Tampa, Florida Uber accident lawyer to get more information on filing a claim. Ridesharing services, like Uber, are fantastic. They can help people who prefer not to have cars so that they can help the environment or they can make traveling safer and more affordable for someone who would prefer not to drive themselves. That said, it is important to remember that the driver you get with Uber is not a professional driver. In fact, they are just regular, everyday people looking to make a quick buck. That is why you are still just as likely to get into a car accident because of their actions or the negligent actions of another person. 

What is the first thing you should do after an Uber accident? 

When it comes to filing a personal injury claim after being in an Uber accident, getting the police involved can be very helpful. When you have suffered from injuries, a police officer can call for additional emergency services to come to the scene and they can write up a police report documenting what happened, what evidence there is, and get the names of any witnesses of the accident. This can be very helpful when your attorney is gathering information and evidence while creating your personal injury claim 

Can you file a claim with Uber?

It is possible for your attorney to speak with Uber and let them know you were injured. Know that without the proper evidence it can be hard to get compensation for your injuries. However, your attorney will be working hard to determine who was liable for the accident (whether it was your Uber driver or another party who was responsible) and seek compensation from the appropriate sources. 

What should I take pictures of?

This is a great question. In the chaos of an accident, many people may forget that they almost always have a very important tool in their pocket or purse: their cellphone. You can snap images of the accident scene, take pictures of any property damage that may have occurred if you had items with you in the Uber, and take pictures of your injuries. It is important that you can recreate what happened through the pictures and have evidence to show that you were injured as a result of the accident. 

What if the Uber Driver Was Not at Fault?

In the event of another driver being at fault for an accident that occurred while you were in an Uber car, you may be able to file a claim against that person. Sometimes, a lawyer will seek damages from multiple parties, such as Uber and a third party driver. An investigation will take place to determine all responsible parties. Please do not delay in calling an Uber accident lawyer in Tampa, Florida, such as one from Jeff Murphy Law.

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