Wrongful Death Lawyer Tampa, FL Wrongful Death Lawyer Tampa, FL

A wrongful death lawyer in Tampa, FL at Jeff Murphy Law understands how an untimely death can be devastating for the loved ones who survive, but especially when that death occurs because of the negligence or intent of someone else. The devastation goes beyond grief and affects the regular day-to-day routines through a loss of presence and finances. Therefore, it is entirely understandable when a family wishes to recover some of their loss. However, many grieving families may not understand the types of damages they can claim or even what damages are recoverable. 

Fortunately, the recoverable losses can typically be covered under the umbrella of two categories with help from a Florida wrongful death lawyer in Tampa:

  1. Pecuniary Damages

Pecuniary damages essentially equate to the value placed on a person’s life. Therefore, the courts and your Tampa, FL wrongful death lawyer will attempt to quantify the financial worth of your loved one, which sounds archaic. However, to act fairly and impartial, the judicial system must use means that are measurable and easily applied to future claims, but they are not inept of your loss. Therefore, the pecuniary value comes down to two considerations.

  • Lost future income: lost future income is not merely the amount of money the decedent was expected to earn over the rest of their working years. This value is a part of the equation, but the family will only see a portion of that money because the real value is less the living expenses of the decedent. Therefore, the courts will determine how much it would have cost to clothe and feed your loved one and subtract that value from the gross earnings expectation.
  • Loss of consortium: where emotional loss is represented. This element of pecuniary damages attempts to put a value on the loss of love, affection and even society. Therefore, the courts try to offer compensation for lifestyle changes and turmoil. While the amount of recoverable damages depends on several factors, a spouse with a child can typically seek more than a spouse alone or a relative; however, this depends on the municipality.   
  1. Punitive Damages

A Tampa wrongful death lawyer in FL may talk with you about how punitive damages are not always recoverable, but in instances of intentional neglect or harm, it may be possible. These damages are designed to punish the accused. While many families will want to seek such losses, not every case warrants such action and not every court will allow it.

Recovering from the loss of a loved one, especially when that loss occurs because of the negligence of someone else, is not easy. You will experience financial and emotional hardships. Thankfully, there are ways to recover some of your losses, and while pecuniary and punitive damages will not bring your loved one back, they can help you rebuild your life. If you wish to seek such damages, then contact a wrongful death lawyer in Tampa, FL at Jeff Murphy Law to discuss your options.

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