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April 12, 2022

5 Causes of Workers Comp Cases

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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

In an ideal world, employers take care of their employees when they are injured on the job. It should be as simple as reporting your injury, being examined and diagnosed by a doctor, and receiving fair compensation that covers your income while you get better and covers your medical costs. But all too often this isn’t the case. Employers may try to dissuade you from making a claim by trying to convince you that your injury didn’t happen at work or even by threatening you. Speaking with a workers’ compensation lawyer can explain your legal options and help you understand what recourse you might have. The five common types of workers compensation cases are:

  • Material Handling Accidents: Material handling accidents are most common in the retail and manufacturing industries. Material handling is when someone moves materials or products from one location to another either by hand or using machinery. These accidents can be caused by human error, faulty equipment or unsafe working conditions. If you were injured in a materials handling accident, whether it was the result of your employer’s policies, because they failed to maintain a safe working environment, or other reasons while working then they should pay the costs of your accident and lost time.

  • Falls From a Height: Accidents that involve a person falling from higher up are particularly common in the construction and retail industries. Construction often requires employees to use ladders or work high up and in retail employees must access products on shelves above their reach. These falls can result in an injury ranging from a minor bruise to broken bones and should be covered by workers compensation.

  • Motor Vehicle Accident: With so many people driving as part of their job, it is no surprise that employees get into accidents. This could be something as minor as a parking lot fender bender to as serious as a semi truck causing a multiple car collision on the highway. The company vehicle you are using should be in safe driving condition and up to date on its maintenance.

  • Repetitive Trauma: This form of injury is the hardest to prove. While it is common to develop tendonitis and other overuse conditions in the wrists, elbows, back, or knees, it can be challenging to show this was directly a result of your job and not from activities outside of work. A skilled lawyer will know what evidence to gather and expert witnesses to interview to best support your case.

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